Beth Renneisen

Beth Renneisen is an award-winning graphic artist, illustrator and information designer with extensive experience as a visual journalist. She combines her classic art training with modern digital techniques to explore fresh design ideas for both print and online presentations. Additionally, Renneisen is a published writer and photographer, with experience managing and editing others in a myriad of journalistic and creative enterprises. She is a Louisville, Kentucky native, and has worked for a variety of publications and freelance clients, designing everything from logos to billboards.

In 2010, Renneisen earned a Masters Degree in Visual Journalism from San Francisco State University, with an emphasis on experimental approaches to online news design, including animation, virtual worlds and short-form video. She most recently has expanded her repertoire to include creating interactive magazine apps for the iPad, and is a registered Adobe and Apple developer.

When not at the computer/drawing table/camera, Beth can be found in the woods of Fairfax, California, riding her bike, tending her honeybees, or walking her big dog, Phoenix.

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